- It is "FREE" to signup and to use "Basic Zerofile Service"
- There are no hidden fees nor hidden links.
- You only need "email address" to start using Zerofile Basic
- You will receive your password by email instantly
- You can upgrade to have more speed and increase file size
- You need to signup before purchasing services and products
- By Signing up, you have accepted our Term of Condition
Ultra fast File Delivery and Transfer

Zerofile Term of Service
updated 24.May.2018 (for Beta Service)
1. Zerofile services are provided by Zexis S.ar.l based in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
2. All of the payment are process by Paypal and Zexis, or otherwise stated while your subscription or payment.
3. Term of condition may be changed reguraly until full service is released in coming Summer, 2018.
4. Further notice, update regarding this term of service willbe posted here.
5. All of the data is stored in secure server located in TIER IV data center facility in EU.
6. As of 25th, May, 2018 we are aligning with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will continue to value your privacy.
7. We are currently under "BETA" service. We may be unstable, under maintenance, under minor trouble, and updating. Please be patient while we are under beta service.

[ Personal Information ]
1. All of the personal information provided to Zerofile are kept within TIER IV datacenter facility in Luxembourg.
2. All personal information are used for providing Zerofile services, and shall not be provided to any third party without acceptance of additional term and condition unless user have accepted third party term and conditions.
3. By subscribing to Zerofile services, you have accepted to provide neccesary personal information. Such personal infomration varies depending to your subscription which may contain email address, phone number, address, IP addresses, birthday.
4. The personal information shall be deleted upon request, which will require all subscription to be cancelled first or forcefully deleted. In any case, there are no refunds or reimbursements for non-used period, points left, or unused bandwidth.
5. You may request update and see the information held about you. If you wish to do this, please contact us by email. We will follow neccesary steps to disclose your information to you, and to update. Than we will notify the date and how it will be provided to you. In any case, we will not include any contents and datas uploaded by you or anybody which are kept away from our access.
6. The data process officer appointed for Zerofile may be contacted by sending email to : dpo [at] zerofile.eu (Please replay at to symbol).

[ Cookie ( CookiePolicy ) ]
1. Zerofile.eu uses cookie to provide services for the benefit of the users.
2. Cookies are used for authentication, session manaagement between mutiple servers servers Zerofile own and provide, and acess control which are must neccesity to provide Zerofile services.
3. User may deny persistent cookie usage which may be partially associated with your personal information as long as user have not subscribed to the service. 4. Cookies, which are session cookies which have no association with personal information will be in use to provide features for file transfer controls.
5. Any of the cookies placed by Zerofile are processed in the teritory of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
6. By subscribing to Zerofile membership, you have accepted the usage of persistent cookie which will provide neccesary features for membership service, such as language control, membership control, file transfer history, access analytics and status control, and other related with file transfer membership service.
7. By registerring and signing up to Zerofile account, you have accepted our term and conditions including cookie policy and usage for our service. Such as session management, authentication management, file transfer management, analytics, advertisement managements and services involved.
8. User may deny third party cookie usage by opting-out from third party services, We do not have control over these cookies. Such services include advertising provided by google. We do not force you to opt-in nor to opt-out, it is your discision to make.
9. For the detail of cookie policy, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

[ Zerofile ]
1. Zerofile is a www based application service which enables registered user to send files to other with specific URL given each time, which may be sent by email notification.
2. Current service provided as of 25th of January, 2018 are beta service. Beta service will be continue until it is clearly stated which we expect to be launched by summer, 2018.
3. The service is provided on "BEST EFFORT" and does not guarantee the speed of transfer nor the storage size.
4. The location of the servers are in Luxembourg, and are managed under legality of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and European Union.
5. Any suspicious actions, attempted break in, or any kind of sabotage will lead you to infringement with you responsible for all of the damages on revenue,related damages caused andcosts under our term.
6. Zerofile have no responsibility about the files and data uploaded. Zerofile holds no rights to inspect, see, decode, download any of the data uploaded.
6. Any users shall not upload/share contents which are illegal under their living country, point of uploading country, and recipients countries.
7. Zerofile may delete uploaded contents without any notice or warrant when it is notified by third party, law enforcements, local governments, or by our descision.
8. Zerofile does not control data uploaded, and shall not seek nor see the data uploaded and transfered. We may control the speed and number of downloads,or maxinum downloads based on usage and server loads we experience.

[ Google Drive, and other APIs usage ]
1. Zerofile offers file transfer to and from third party services, such as Google Drive.
2. Zerofile uses APIs provided by those third parties to authenticate and to provide transfers.
3. During the process, Zerofile may obtain authentication tokens for future usage, such as refresh tokens, where as unless user is signed up, Zerofile shall not store and save the tokens for future usage.
4. All of the tokens are stores in the tier IV data center with one of highest securities.
5. Zerofile only uses those tokens to provide instructed transfer to / from zerofile server.
6. Zerofile does not guarantee transfer of the files to / from Zerofile servers.

[ Beta Service ]
1. As of 22nd February, 2018, zerofile services are offered as "Beta" service.
2. During the period of "Beta", zerofile does not guarantee the service uptime, nor the quality of the service.
3. Services may be shutdown time to time for the maintenance.
4. Some feature of the service may be discontinued, changed, and re-applied.
5. Uploaded data and files may be initialized before it's expiration day after 3 days notification.

- This term of condition is issued on 25, January, 2018.
- Updated on 24th, May, 2018.